Koontz-Wagner, a portfolio company of High Street Capital, has sold its Tennessee Armature & Electric business to Electric Motor Sales and Supply Co. Inc. of Chattanooga, TN.  The resulting business combination is a broad provider of electric motor repair, sales and supply services in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.  Koontz-Wagner will use the proceeds of the sale to grow its energy infrastructure, electrical contracting and aerospace components business units through both organic initiatives and targeted acquisitions.

Koontz-Wagner is an Indiana-based company now comprised of six different business units within four different industry groups employing over 400 people in Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee. The individual business units include a leading manufacturer and integrator of highly differentiated packaged control room systems (“PCRs”) for blue chip customers in the rapidly growing global energy infrastructure industry, a manufacturer of critical electromechanical components for the aerospace, defense and medical industries, two industrial electric motor repair businesses and two full-service electrical contractors.  Please see www.Koontz-Wagner.com for more information