Our Investment Philosophy

We are business builders. We are dedicated to and passionate about finding differentiated companies and improving them in collaboration with management. We back this strategy with our own personal capital. The tenets of our approach are:

Flexible Capital

High Street Capital is known for the flexible capital structures that we employ in our transactions. We have made investments in companies where we are the majority owner and we have also invested in companies where only a non-controlling position is available. We recognize that every transaction has a unique capital need and we work diligently with owners and senior managers to craft the best possible capital structure that meets the needs of all parties engaged in the transaction.


Our interest and experience are solely focused on middle market businesses. Every High Street Capital operating partner, in addition to being an investor, actively provides specific operating experience to each of our transactions. High Street Capital will not pursue any business in which we cannot offer intelligent and forwarding strategic counsel. We have expertise in completing transactions on time. We have excellent relationships with banks, attorneys, management teams and intermediaries. But above all, we approach your project with respect for all the key relationships you need to maintain.


We support experienced management teams and executives. We create incentives through equity participation for all key members of the management team. High Street professionals and operating partners offer educated, strategic recommendations – but management still makes the critical decisions and runs the day-to-day operations. We assign one or more of our operating partners to each company. The operating partners are mutually selected to be the best fit, to be sensitive to the organization’s dynamics and to work with the management team from the very beginning. This is our way of ensuring owners and managers always receive informed, professional and vested attention – by way of a dedicated and authentic partnership. Our operating partners provide a reliable and constant sounding board and strategic resource, long after the transaction is completed.

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