Gratitude is central to our Midwest core and “salt of the earth” culture. With reflection, we would like to take a moment to celebrate an exceptional 2021. We simply could not have done it without all of our partners, portfolio company employees and professional friends. We express our deepest gratitude.

During the year, we invested in 5 new platform portfolio companies and 1 add-on company, added 1 new team member, and brought our total number of current portfolio companies spanning our targeted industries of outsourced business services, niche manufacturing, and value-added distribution to 11. We are proud of the fact that our current portfolio companies range in market from meat processing and construction services to digital storage and IT managed services and provide for more than 1,500 families across the United States. Consistent with our history, our experienced operating and investing partners continue to bring their skills, strategy, and deeply collaborative method to our portfolio companies.  The following selected quotes from our portfolio company leaders throughout the year highlight this approach and mean the world to us:

“High Street Capital’s close operational focus, deliberate approach to its investments, and relevant track record helped convince us that HSC is an ideal partner for us in our recapitalization of the Company. HSC was a pleasure to work with in executing the transaction and jointly developing an operating plan to drive success for all stakeholders.”

“With the investment and confidence of High Street Capital, we will be able to expand our services and optimize market opportunities to better drive customer success and meet their increasing appetite for strategic outsourced and managed IT services.”

“I chose High Street Capital as they have a proven history of partnering with their portfolio companies to drive strategic growth.”

We look forward to carrying this impressive momentum into 2022 and, with that in mind, we are seeking other new platform investment opportunities for Fund V in the areas of outsourced business services, niche manufacturing, and value-added distribution. Please contact us for businesses with revenues between $10 million and $100 million where our capital, experience, and ideas could be used to leverage management’s capabilities to drive future growth.

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