High Street Capital (or “HSC”), alongside its equity co-investor Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, is pleased to announce that its portfolio company Knight Material Technologies (“KMT” or the “Company”) has completed the acquisition of Electro-Chemical and its subsidiary Superior Dual Laminates (collectively, “EC-SDL”) (www.electrochemical.net and www.superiorduallaminates.com).

EC-SDL, with locations in Emmaus, PA and Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada, manufactures and installs anti-corrosive plastic linings and coatings for steel and fiberglass tanks, piping, and other specialty equipment. The acquisition of EC-SDL, which offers a complementary service to KMT’s existing corrosion-resistant ceramic linings, allows the Company to broaden its suite of product offerings and become a more complete solution to many of its customers in the chemical process and mining industries. The transaction also provides a platform for KMT and EC-SDL to penetrate new markets, including the ultra-high-purity (“UHP”) semiconductor chemical market.

“We believe the addition of EC-SDL and its best-in-class team, technology, and capabilities will strongly position KMT over the next several years as an innovative, flexible, and market-leading provider of anti-corrosive material,” said Kevin Brooks, President of KMT. Derek Gollnitz, Vice President of High Street Capital, added, “We were eager to support KMT’s acquisition of EC-SDL given the clear growth opportunities and synergies available from the combination. We believe both entities, as well as their stakeholders, will benefit greatly from the partnership in the next several years.”

Please contact Derek Gollnitz (312.423.2658 or derek@highstreetcapital.com) with any questions or related opportunities that might be a fit for KMT.

Separately, we are seeking other new platform investments for our Fund V in the areas of outsourced business services, niche manufacturing, and value-added distribution. Please contact us with businesses having revenues between $10 million and $100 million where our capital, experience, and ideas could be used to leverage management’s capabilities to drive future growth.

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