We are pleased to announce the acquisition of ShoreMaster, the leading manufacturer of residential waterfront equipment.  The company, headquartered in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, introduced the first all-aluminum boat lift in 1972.  ShoreMaster’s complete line of boat docks and lifts are sold through an extensive network of dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

“Closing this transaction was truly a team effort,” said Joe Katcha, High Street Capital Principal. “ShoreMaster’s top managers, who also invested alongside HSC, were instrumental in helping us to close the deal approximately 60 days after signing the letter of intent.”

The ShoreMaster acquisition marks the third platform investment since the April 2012 closing of High Street’s fourth fund.  With our new pool of capital, we are aggressively seeking new investment opportunities in the outsourced business services, value-added distribution and manufacturing sectors.  Please contact Joe Katcha, Will Oberholtzer, Rob France or Andrew Simmons for businesses with revenues between $10 million and $100 million where our capital, experience and ideas may be required.