We are pleased to announce we have acquired a controlling interest in Open Range Beef, LLC.  Open Range is a niche provider of beef processing services, focused on serving the Certified Organic, grass-fed, antibiotic-free, toll processing and other niche markets which require small production runs, traceability, segregation, and quality processes not offered by large integrated, commodity beef processors.

Open Range Beef serves demanding customers that value its domestic sourcing, stringent focus on food safety, employee safety, quality processes, humane animal handling practices and traceability, as evidenced by its certifications from Oregon Tilth and Safe Quality Foods, among others.

For more information on Open Range Beef’s services, please visit www.ORBpacking.com.

This acquisition represents High Street’s eighth platform investment for Fund IV.  Andrew Simmons, an HSC Principal, commented, “Under the ownership of Jill Noetzelman, Pat Shudak and Tim Donmoyer, Open Range Beef developed an outstanding record for producing Certified Organic beef.  High Street Capital is excited to partner with Open Range Beef to continue this tradition and to expand production so that the Company can continue to serve the growing niches of Certified Organic and grass-fed beef.”

Please contact Andrew Simmons (312.423.2764 or andrew@highstreetcapital.com) with any questions or related opportunities which might be a fit for Open Range Beef.

We are also seeking new platform investment opportunities in the areas of outsourced business services, niche manufacturing and value-added distribution.  Please contact us for businesses with revenues between $10 million and $100 million where our capital, experience and ideas could drive future growth.