Who is High Street

We are business builders. We are dedicated to, and passionate about, finding differentiated companies and fundamentally improving them. We back this strategy with our own personal capital.

Our approach starts with seeking opportunities to improve selected businesses within the lower middle market. It includes a willingness and ability to offer flexible and creative solutions to business owners looking for liquidity.

Our process continues with due diligence focused on crafting tailored strategies to build winning businesses with strong growth prospects. We begin with an end in mind and exit when others wish to buy. Our strategy is anchored by valuation discipline and prudent use of leverage in our investments.

HSC’s process is at the heart of our ability to build value consistently for our investors. It is a process that involves experience, expertise, relationships, creativity and the capacity for complexity. We work hard and demonstrate focus and commitment to our investments throughout our ownership.

As a team we are results-oriented, creative, and tenacious problem-solvers. The right price is situational and depends more upon industry trends and the opportunities to improve the business model than the strength of the existing management team. There is no standard pricing model used. Our orientation is conservative and we mitigate downside risk in our investments.

We are committed to excellence and honesty in our dealings. We operate with high ethical standards and respect. We are a trusted and known name in the lower middle market segment in the Central U.S. as we have consistently focused on this space. We offer equity, experience and ideas to businesses competing in the lower middle market.

Our stewardship of limited partners’ capital, as well as our own capital, is founded on a simple philosophy: know what you own, avoid businesses and markets you do not understand and maintain an intense focus on business fundamentals. The success of our portfolio throughout the 2009 recession demonstrates our resolve to stick to our discipline in selecting investments and using prudent leverage.

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