Spirit of HSC

Throughout Great Britain, local businesses and enterprises were traditionally located on a town’s High Street.

Like the idyllic Main Street in America, the name has come to symbolize the center of commerce; the foundation for a community’s growth and prosperity. This is the spirit on which High Street Capital is founded.

We are a company focused on helping today’s owners, managers and entrepreneurs take their dreams to the next level. We accomplish this with a unique and vital combination of flexible capital, experience and partnership.

We focus on traditional industries namely service, manufacturing and distribution. We are also interested in fragmented industries – established companies offering business-to-business services, infrastructure businesses, or companies which are positioned to benefit from new developments in outsourcing or technology.

The companies we want to partner with have a product, service or management team that sets them apart. But more than anything else, we like to work with people who are passionate about growing and improving their business. People willing to bet on themselves. People with a sense of vision and a proven way of finding and capitalizing on their very own niche. People who have devoted their time, energies and often their fortunes in pursuit of quality, service, a better way.

In short, classic High Street business people.