Why High Street

At High Street, our success has come from our ability to listen to the needs of business owners and to structure a transaction that meets them. Here are the elements of High Street’s approach that we’ve honed over the decades.

Seasoned Core Team

We believe business is as much about planning as it is profitability. That’s why High Street Capital’s orientation is to bring not only equity, but specific operating experience to the table. We will not pursue any business in which we cannot offer intelligent and forward thinking strategic counsel.


Few things are as fragile as crafting a win-win transaction. Absolutely everything matters. We have more flexibility than other funds in meeting all of your needs. We also have a large capacity for absorbing or steering around the inevitable changes that occur as transactions progress.

Committed Funding for the Long Term

High Street Capital’s funds have always been fully committed funds. Plus, we have resources well beyond the capital in our fund for add-on acquisitions. Our principals are comprised of a tight-knit team of individuals with proven operational expertise and complementary skills.

Management Support

Our investment philosophy favors long-term growth built upon the strength of long-standing expertise. We look to support experienced management teams and executives. We strive to create incentives through equity participation for all key players. Our team offers educated, thoughtful, strategic recommendations while empowering management to make the critical decisions and run day-to-day operations. We provide a reliable and constant sounding board and strategic resource, long after the transaction is completed.

Transition Planning Expertise

High Street Capital also offers a strong knowledge base in dealing with all the important issues that surround the transaction: succession planning, employee relations, taxes and transition issues. We work closely with owners to make certain all of these potential risk areas are addressed.

Personal Involvement

Business relationships should never begin and end with the initial interview. We strongly believe in assigning a team of one operating partner and one investment partner to each project who will be the best fit, be sensitive to the organization’s dynamics and work well with the management team from the very beginning. This is our way of ensuring owners always receive informed, professional and vested attention-by way of a dedicated and authentic partnership.

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