We are pleased to announce the launch of a streamlined non-control equity program, known as the “HSC 30-30-30” plan, to provide business owners with a new source of liquidity in these challenging times.

For over 23 years, we have been providing business owners with liquidity. We promise a quick response, an efficient diligence process and, most importantly, a committed partner for you or your clients. We are investing out of our fifth committed fund. We do what we say and work hard to leave our businesses on stronger footing when it is time to exit.

We are looking to partner with business owners requiring between $3 million and $15 million for additional working capital, growth capital for expansion when their competitors may be pulling back or capital expenditures to support existing operations.

“HSC 30-30-30” terms

  • Targeted closing in 30 days
  • Borrower may repurchase after 30 months at fair market value
  • Convertible into no more than 30% of the equity depending on the company’s valuation
  • Other terms to include: Minority preferred equity structure with dividends (six months PIK-only, then half 50% cash, 50% PIK)

Investment Criteria

  • Headquartered in U.S.
  • Business Services
  • Industrial Services
  • Niche Manufacturing
  • Value-added Distribution and Logistics
  • Preference for family-owned or entrepreneur-led businesses
  • Preference for businesses which qualify as “essential” per US CISA guidelines

Should you become aware of any situations which might be a fit, please contact:

Rob France (312) 672-9462 | rob@highstreetcapital.com

Andrew Simmons (773) 218-1414 | andrew@highstreetcapital.com

Charlie Bossart (312) 919-7101 | charlie@highstreetcapital.com

Blake Bartolomei (209) 534-0333 | blake@highstreetcapital.com

Derek Gollnitz (248) 229-1514 | derek@highstreetcapital.com

Joe Katcha (847) 331-3679 | joe@highstreetcapital.com

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